We are a songwriting and production team based in Brighton, UK.

Bespoke music is our speciality

Our ever increasing catalogue is stuffed full of musical delights form 20 second sound bites to 3 minute pop ear worms!

We are used to working to tight deadlines and specific briefs.


We get the job done FAST

Our music is also easy to license and has appeared in an array of hit TV shows

We can provide female vocals in many styles ranging from Britney to Avril to Shirley Bassey

We can provide real strings to make any project sound classy and authentic, intimate or epic.

Our team boast incredible instrumental skills; piano, guitar, bass, violin, viola, ukulele, sitar, drums, recorder & just about any other instrument we can get our hands on...

Are you looking for catchy choruses, luscious strings, sexy diva vocals, quirky ukulele, humorous lyricsemotional melodies, high-school rock, romantic piano, chart-topping sound a-likes, motown mimicry, organic guitars, retro revamps, clubtastic anthems, sultry soundscapes, grooving beats, electro poporchestral interludes, funky riffs, moody jazz, acoustic scene setting, singalong tag-lines.... need we say more?